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An engineering team wouldn't be complete without the resident godlike DoTA player. With the SparkLab Innovation Center team, it's Joemer aka "qq" on Steam.

Aside from the national pastime, Joemer is also dominating as a fifth year BS Electronics Engineering student at Colegio de San Juan de Letran (Hi Erick!). He's also a basketball player, and One Piece fan. That's triple kill, bro!

When he's not online on Steam, he's on an academic rampage at Letran Academic Achivers' Guild, Letran Engineering Society, IECEP - Manila Student Chapter.

Joemer loves meeting new people as he works on SparkLab projects. Add him up here or on Steam!

FAVORITE DOTA CHARACTER: Sven, "kasi lumalakas" just when you need him...just like Joemer 😘.

DOTA CRUSH: Crystal Maiden, because she froze his ♥️.

P.S. #GGWP, Joemer.
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SparkLab | Art Week 2014 Malmö
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Art Week 2014 Malmö

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